Building Materials:
Matrix block:
Pond protection fleece:
Pond liner:
Concrete mix:
Old garden pavers
Pond tubing:
Armourstone: Landscape Supplier
Landscaping foam, pump & LED lights:
Alternative Pump: link will follow
Alternative LED lighting: link will follow
Alternative Landscaping foam: link will follow
Hose clamps:
Outdoor cable extension box:

Digging spade:
Folding wood ruler:
Work pants:
Work shoes:
Work gloves:
Diagonal Cutters:
Spirit level:
Rubber head hammer:
Cutco super shears:
Sledge hammer:
Utility knife:
Garden hose:
Screwdriver & Ratchet set:

Special Materials:
Landscape edging:
Weed barrier fabric:
Fabric garden stakes:
Pea gravel:

If you buy something through these links, I’ll get a commission, of course without you having to pay more. I hope you liked the video, thanks for your support!


Hello and welcome, I’m Carl the landscape guy and today I’m building a natural looking garden stream for a customer and I will show you every step in detail. I am really looking forward to this project and I think that it is very possible to replicate it with the help of this video. Thank you to all my viewers for the many likes, comments and subscriptions lately, that helps a lot and enables me to produce new videos for you. Today we are in a fairly small yard and therefore I have planned a 3 meter long stream. The size of the stream can be easily changed depending on how much space you have for the construction. First I cut a square that’s about 70 by 70 centimeters and then remove the turf. Then I dig the square out to about 70 centimeters deep. I am reusing the soil to make a small hill for our stream, because we’ll need a slope for proper water flow. It is important to well-compact the soil layer by layer from the beginning by treading on it, so the stream won’t sag later. By the way, you can find my tools and equipment in the description section, so please use the links to order what you need. I’m creating a slight slope around the edges here now. I form the hill a little elongated, which will fit the stream better. Now the ground is getting sandier, but that’s good because sand can be compacted better. Right away I remove things like garbage, stones or even broken glass like this here; because we do not want to risk damaging the pond liner later on. Now I add a few wheelbarrows of soil, which is available to me on this construction site. This makes our hill a bit larger, but it is not entirely necessary. Maybe you have some soil or sand lying around that you can use. Or you might already have a natural slope in the garden, where the stream can be built in nicely. You can see here that I have already decreased the slope going towards the hole. And I use this tamper to compact the soil one more time. Now you’ve probably already asked yourself, what goes into the hole. And I’m going to get that ready right now. It is a percolation cube or also called a aqua block, which needs to be assembled. But assembling it is very fast and easy with these little pins. One side will remain open for now and you’ll find out why a little later. The percolation cube should be installed level, so I use a spirit level to pull the soil flat. The cube size is 60 by 60 by 60 centimeters and the hole is about 70 centimeters deep, so that the cube will sit a little lower in the hole. This way the water will run in better and it is easier to cover with rocks later. Next I lay out a thick protective fabric, that weighs 300 grams per square meter. After that comes the pond liner. Both the fabric and the liner are 2 meters wide by 5 meters long. And it just fits with the 60 centimeter cube. I also wrapped the cube in fabric, so it can’t damage the liner. Now we move on to the streambed. I form the lowest dam with the help of a garden curbstone. I use only a little concrete just so that it does not tip over. I set the top of the stone at about 15 cm above the upper edge of the cube. Now the rest of the streambed will be formed. I set the second dam with old paving stones. Here, only a little concrete is needed, so that they don’t topple over.

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