indoor gardening gift ideas for the holidays

indoor gardening gift ideas for the holidays

Holidays are so much fun!
It’s so exiting to give and get gifts.
Looking for gifts that help you create and indoor vegetable garden or grow herbs indoor? You’re in the right place.

In this video, I gave you a bunch of ideas for products that will help with creating and maintaining an indoor garden. These gifts are great for any occasion: Christmas, hannukah, birthday – whatever you’re celebrating.

Products in this video + links:

This indoor herb garden kit is great for growing herbs indoors.
The kit includes three planters and a tray.
Each planter has a blackboard tag in the front so that you can write the name of the herb in that planter.
The kit is made out of cedar and therefor, it’s water proof.
You get to choose six different kinds of seeds out a variety of herbs.

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This tool set is so cute. It comes in pink and includes a case and 18 tools, made out of steel and plastic. Part of each purchase is donated to The Breast Cancer
Research Foundation.
These tools can be a great addition to indoor gardening.

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This indoor herb garden kit, has a variety of special options that will help you in creating a kitchen herb garden.
Proper lighting is essential to make sure that the plants grow big and strong. It can be tricky to get proper lighting indoors.

This kit comes with an attached grow light that has automatic control – to switch the light on and off.
The plants are grown in water and prevent the counter getting messy from potting mix.
And – the kit is available in four different colors so you can choose which color is the most suitable for your kitchen herb garden.

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This product helps you create a controlled environment for your indoor vegetable and herb garden. The growing tent enables you to control the heat and lighting in the tent.
The tent has a reflective surface that ensures the best use of lighting.
You use a grow light in the growing tent to ensure the best lighting for your indoor garden.

The tent is made with heavy duty fabric and zippers that help you control the heat and lighting inside and keep out pests.
You can choose between three sizes which tent size is the best for you.

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Lighting is important when growing plants indoors. It can be challenging to get the proper lighting to make sure the plants grow big and strong.
In indoor gardening, you can use the help of a grow light. It’s an artificial lighting source that can substitute the sunlight.
You can use the grow light in a growing tent, near your indoor herb garden kit or on your indoor vegetable garden.

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