4' x 8' Raised Vinyl Garden Bed, PVC Garden Bed, EASY GARDEN

4' x 8' Raised Vinyl Garden Bed, PVC Garden Bed, EASY GARDEN

How to install a DFS 4’x 8′ Raised Vinyl Garden Bed. Gardening the easy way!
Our two-tiered, 4’x 8′ raised vinyl garden box is made from maintenance-free plastic, which means no more painting. It’s built to withstand Canadian weather and always looks brand new!

Looking to build a better DIY raised garden bed? Don’t waste your time with complicated plans that yield unsatisfactory results. We have a kit you get to customize and put together with little effort.

Most garden box plans are wood constructions. Wood may look great and feel strong. That doesn’t last. It needs continual maintenance and will never look as good as it used to. The chemicals used in pressure-treated wood may leach into your garden if you go that route.

A sturdy vinyl-raised garden bed is the answer! Our kit is all that. Vinyl is a safe and secure way of growing produce. We build them strong so they don’t bend, bow, or fall apart when filled with soil. They maintain their integrity and appearance with no effort from you.

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