Edible Window Boxes After Freeze Night Update

Edible Window Boxes After Freeze Night Update

In this video I uncover the window boxes filled with edible (greens) and new seedlings.

The temperatures were down in the low 30’s last night. We got over 4 Inches of snow before the super cold April snow came. The snow was wet and heavy. It is amazing really to see how well the seeds and plants in the edible window boxes did. More About This on My Website at: https://brenhaas.com/protect-new-spring-edibles-from-freeze/

This video on YouTube Bren Haas Channel at : https://youtu.be/0O68ey6sOXQ

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  1. Bren Haas on July 19, 2022 at 11:55 pm

    Growing edibles.. even in the snow is super fun! I hope you comment to let me know if you got hit by the surprise snow!

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