10 Must have gardening tool kit I Gardening tool kit I Complete Gardening Kit #desibagiya

10 Must have gardening tool kit I Gardening tool kit I Complete Gardening Kit #desibagiya

Sharing a list of 10 Must have Gardening Tools:

1) 3 Prong Cultivator :-One of the most hardworking tools in any gardener’s arsenal, a garden fork is a multi-purpose piece of equipment. It can be used to aerate lawns (see our guide on Lawn Care & Maintenance Tips), break up compacted soil, create holes for seeds, mix in soil treatment, remove stones and weeds, and soften tough ground. Its sharp and strong tines can more easily penetrate difficult terrain than a spade.

2) Large trowel :-A trowel is a prerequisite for most jobs around the garden, particularly those that include digging and the removal or addition of loose gardening materials such as compost, fertilizer, mulch, soil, etc. Whether you’re scooping away weeds or you’re spreading mulch, digging a deep hole or filling a bed with compost, a high quality shovel will be of great value to you.

3) Trumpet Shovel:- Is used to dig as well as to move loose, granular materials (like dirt, gravel, grain, or snow) from one spot to another.

4)Garden/Hedge shears:- Hedge shears look a lot like giant scissors with their long pair of straight blades. Their design lends itself to cutting as much of a plant as possible in one single sweep. When you use hedge shears to trim your bushes, they will create long sharp edges on anything you cut. This makes them perfect for maintaining rectangular-shaped hedges. However, hedge shears are not great at shaping bushes and plants with strong wooden branches. Since hedge shears are better suited for cutting softer stems, attempting to use them on harder types of wood will result in damage to the blades. It will also yield imperfect cuts on the plant. Hedge shears can be somewhat limited by what they can cut, working mainly on soft, non-woody stems. You should not underestimate how useful they are though. As hedge shears can cut plants so quickly, they are one of the main tools that every budding gardener should own.

5) Spray Bottle Is used for a variety of purposes in the garden.

-1. Create and apply natural insecticide applications
-2. Control powdery mildew with baking soda, soap and water
-3. Apply compost tea as a foliar spray
-4 Spray insect larvae off leaves
-5 Cool off in the summer.

6) Secateurs/ Cutter:-Also known as a pruning shears, pruners or clippers, a garden secateurs is a very useful hand tool around the garden. You will need it for trimming and shaping plants and shrubs and for removing dead growth. A high quality secateurs will last a very long time, stay sharper for longer, be able to take thicker branches, and be more comfortable to use, so it is worth investing in a good one.

7) Weeding Knife :-Weeding knife helps in removing and transferring weeds, it can also be used to clear leaves, other debris from beds and in-between plants.

8) Mini Hand trumpet shovel/trowel :-Is used to loosen soil in small areas like pots ,it also helps in digging soil to clear remove grains and stones

9) Mini Hand shovel:- hand shovel is a small tool that is essential for planting, transplanting and potting. Look for one with a sturdy connection between blade and handle, and a comfortable grip on the handle to avoid hand fatigue and give you optimal control.

10) Small Hand Rake:-A rake will allow you to remove stones, rocks and clogs from the ground before planting. It is also used for levelling and smoothing the surface of the soil, or for gathering debris such as leaves and weeds. You may find you want to add a few varieties of rakes to your collection to suit different needs most comfortably, for example a lightweight, fan-shaped rake is ideal for covering large areas when sweeping up leaves, and a heavier duty bow rake will be most suited to dealing with stony ground.

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