Growing 10,000 Pounds of Organic Tomatoes in a High Tunnel Greenhouse

Growing 10,000 Pounds of Organic Tomatoes in a High Tunnel Greenhouse

πŸ… Growing 10,000 Pounds of Organic Tomatoes in a High Tunnel Greenhouse πŸ…

If you’ve ever wondered how to grow tomatoes from seed, this is the video for you! We’ve spent the past YEAR filming EVERY STEP of our tomato production cycle, including sowing tomato seeds, hardening off tomato seedlings, transplanting tomatoes, trellising, pruning, harvesting, AND MORE! And to make tomato farming even easier, we’ve created the Heifer USA Organic Tomato Growing Guide, a FREE resource on growing tomatoes for beginners – but all are encouraged to download and use our professional advice, growing calendars, planting schedules, useful terminology, and all the resources we’ve included.

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00:00 – Introduction to Growing Tomatoes
00:58 – Get Started Growing Tomatoes
02:32 – Sowing Tomato Seeds
06:31 – How to Germinate Tomato Seeds
08:34 – Growing Tomatoes in the Nursery
09:58 – Hardening Off Tomato Seedlings
11:25 – Preparing High Tunnel for Tomatoes
13:43 – Transplanting Tomatoes
15:35 – How to Trellis Tomatoes
19:32 – How to Prune Tomatoes
22:56 – Tomato Disease Management & Prevention
22:55 – Watering Tomatoes
25:53 – Harvesting Your Tomatoes
27:37 – Storing Harvested Tomatoes

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    Thank you so much for the great video and information. for us small farmers who cannot afford a tunnel just yet – could you do a followup or explain what things you would do differently if planting in the open field. I realize alot of this info will translate over to the open filed but what if anything would you do differently than what is presented. Hope that makes sense. have a great day

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  11. Sandy Jones on August 2, 2022 at 12:20 am

    It looks the plants are all stem by harvest time, do you keep trimming leaf branches below the fruit cluster?

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  15. A Vision Creator on August 2, 2022 at 12:25 am

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    I live in Louisiana. NO problem with Humidity!!!!. I’m not seeing anything about fertilization? What you use, how much, how often? Do you fertilize in the drip? What is your regiment on preventing blossom end rot?

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    Hello, I live in zone 8a it’s been extremely hot here in Texas. My tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and squash are not producing. They are either dieing or they are dead. I don’t know if I over watered or not enough

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    Nicely done in-depth video, I have been gardening for almost 40 years (practical, feed the family type) and have pruned and trellised my closely spaced, indeterminate tomatoes for many years. The seedling pruning is something I had not known or done, will be on my to do list next year. Thanks!

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    Seeds are expensive to plant them 2 per cell just to throw half of them out we plant into a 200 to 500 count tray one seed per cell. Your way seems really wasteful for no reason and those 100 count trays are a waste of space for the Size cell they are.

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  41. Alison Westall on August 2, 2022 at 12:48 am

    Hi, great video.
    Can I ask o you pinch the tops out? If so how many trusses of fruit do you allow? Also do you take all the leaves off below all the fruit clusters? I though you were supposed to just do from the lowest cluster but it looks like you’ve taken them off quite a way up the stem

  42. A Season of Tomatoes on August 2, 2022 at 12:50 am

    I am about to plant a big tunnel like yours. You are the only grower in You Tube that’s lays the drip tape on top of the landscape fabric vs under it. Why on top? Very informative video

  43. T Morgan on August 2, 2022 at 12:53 am

    So impressed. by the work that goes into this. 10k lbs sounds like a huge number when you read the video titla but when you consider that they are attempting to market there production it amazes me how tight their margins would be. Farming as a business has to be a strong passion to get through all the peaks and valleys of just one season. We should remind ourselves of all this when we go to the farm market and look at the price of organic heirloom tomatoes. Hearing people complain about $3.99 lb prices at the stand makes me wonder if people understand what goes into making those fresh organic vegetables available.

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