How to Determine the BEST Size for YOUR Raised Garden Bed

How to Determine the BEST Size for YOUR Raised Garden Bed

Walking through how to determine the best size for YOUR raised garden beds. What you need to consider and showing you some real scenarios.

0:00 Intro
0:11 Width
1:20 Height
2:32 Length
3:32 Pathway size
4:12 Irrigation & protective measure considerations

○ Irrigation System – Use code Margaret10 for $10 off orders of +$100:
○ How to connect garden grids to make beds larger than 4 feet wide:
○ Growing in the Garden (excellent blog on low desert gardening) –
○ Dill Information –

○ Lake Valley Seeds:
○ 8’x20’ shade cloth:
○ 6’x8’ shade cloth. It says 50%, but it is certainly more dense than the 50% shade cloth above. It also looks like the 6’x8’ size is sold out or no longer offered–just two weeks later. This is a tough size to find!
○ Here’s 6’x8’ in green:

○ Why I Used Plywood and OSB for Raised Garden Beds (& Why Not) –
○ An Extra Step to Use Plywood for Raised Garden Beds –

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